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Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions

Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions is a nonprofit organization in Las Vegas Nevada dedicated to providing support and resources to both cats and people in our community. As a first priority, we strive to provide counseling, information, and access to services to keep cats in their homes and with the people who love them. We also focus on positively impacting the lives of our volunteers, employees, guests, and community members by cultivating a collaborative environment based on respect and a non-judgmental approach to services.

Project Overview:

Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions wanted me to create a promotional campaign to get people involved. By helping take care of cats and the adoption center by fostering, volunteering, donating and adopting.

When creating each piece I wanted it to feel playful like cats can be and positive like their environment at the adoption center. I used playful illustrations and colors throughout each piece to help the feeling stay cohesive throughout all the pieces.

When creating the three Social Media posts each one advocating to volunteer, then to foster, then to adopt. I chose this order for the posts to show how it leads into adopting in the end because you can fall in love with the cats and create a bond. I chose to use the staff and cat images in the design to show people being involved. Each cat has a different personality so for each cat I created an illustration to show how cats can have different personalities.

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