PLAY Creative LLC, Remote Internship

I have completed a 1 month internship with them. From January 10th 2023 to February 17th 2023.

While I was an intern there I had completed and collaborated multiple projects internally. I created icons, website banners, blog thumbnails, and helped them change some of their team webpage photos so they were more cohesive. I gained more knowledge of the graphicdesign world.

Burger King, Wahoo NE 68066

I worked there for 1 year and started in March, 2020 and ended in June 2021.

While I was there I communicated face to face with customers, while cleaning, organizing, and multitasking by finishing my other tasks and responsibilities, and also helping other team members.


Southeast Community College, Lincoln NE 68520

GDMA Graphic Design

Graduated May, 16th 2023

This program is held 7 hours 4-5 times a week. I learned the basics and all aspects of Graphic Design into excelling into creating refined portfolios.


Creativity, Communication, Interpersonal, Multitasking, Time Management, Organization, Implements Effective Feedback Skills.

Technical Tools:

  • AI IllustratorIllustrator
  • ID IndesignIndesign
  • PS PhotoshopPhotoshop
  • FigmaFigma