Frog Fest and Froggy98


Froggy98 - Frog Fest

Froggy98 is a Country Radio Station in Lincoln Nebraska and they broadcast all across America. They hold an event every year known as Frog Fest, in 2023 is their 8th year doing the event. It's presented by AKRS Equipment on Saturday, August 13th at Haymarket Park in downtown Lincoln. Featuring Dylan Scott, Josh Abbott Band, Morgan Wade, and Dylan Bloom performing on the Honda of Lincoln stage.

Project Overview:

They wanted to recreate their identity and brand for Froggy98 to make them feel more country and modern and not as cheesy as before, but still paying homage to their frog mascot. I also created promotional pieces and the event brand materials for Frog Fest 2023.

When creating the pieces I wanted to get people who love country music to join the event, and if they haven't heard about froggy98 radio station to then start listening to the radio station. Also, to get people who attend the event to want to attend the next year too!

Froggy98 Poster
Froggy98 Ticket
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Froggy98 VIP Lanyard
Froggy98 Wayfinding Signage